Here is some open source software that we have developped/modified. These scripts are provided as-is for free, without warranty or support from us. Use at your own risks!

Http_bl php class v0.1

portfw.cgi Enhanced v0.1 (SmoothWall 2.0)

    This script adds the following features to the Port Forwarding page of SmoothWall Express 2.0
    - Profile support (manage multiple rule's profiles)
    - Description field to comment each rule.
    - Edit function no longer delete the currently edited rule while editing
    - Port names and host names displayed
    - Rules can be sorted by any Columns (click column's title)
    - Toggle rules on/off (from the rule "Enabled" icon)

    Backup your original SmoothWall Script

    scp -P 222 root@GREEN_INTERFACE_IP:/home/httpd/cgi-bin/portfw.cgi portfw.cgi_ORIGINAL

    Unzip the downloaded file

    gunzip portfw.gz

    Install the Script

    scp -P 222 portfw.cgi root@GREEN_INTERFACE_IP:/home/httpd/cgi-bin/

    Edit the /var/smoothwall/langs/base.pl file using your favorite text editor, ie joe:

    ssh -p 222 root@GREEN_INTERFACE_IP
    joe /var/smoothwall/langs/base.pl

    Right before "#ddns.cgi", you should add these lines:

    # portfw.cgi editing update
    'update current rule' => 'Update current rule:',
    'update' => 'Update', # button
    'any' => 'Any',
    'forwarding rule updated' => 'Forwarding rule updated; restarting forwarder',

    Save file and exit (in Joe, type CRTL-K then "X").
    That's it !

    If the script fails to load execute, Fix the file's permissions :

    ssh -p 222 root@GREEN_INTERFACE_IP
    chmod 755 /home/httpd/cgi-bin/portfw.cgi

  • Download portfw.gz

IconBoard to IBF1 Member Converter

    This modified script convert members from iB2 Version 2.1.x to Invision Board Forums 1.0.
    INSTALL :ungzip the file, edit configurations variables, move the file to your IBF folder, and chmod it to 755. then launch it from your web browser.

  • Download ib2_convert_soif.gz
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